Does your Cinema need a Marketing uplift?

The Digital Marketing for Cinemas training program is here to help!

100% online training program!

Be free to train whenever and wherever you like. Improve your marketing skills by following video lessons and doing exercises at your own pace.

  • 12 months access

    Study at your own pace. You've got 12 months access to the DMC training program.

  • Helpful exercises 

    Each lesson comes with hands on exercises to get you practicing.

  • We give support

    Should you need it - we are here to help.

  • Multiple users

    Training is best when shared. Tuition fee covers 3 users per Cinema.

  • Easy to follow video lessons

    More than 40 easy to follow video lessons that you can play on repeat as much as you'd like.

  • Get a certificate

    After completing each module in the DMC training program, you get a  certificate to show off your hard work.



Learn the foundations of Digital Marketing.

Through the DMC training you will gain knowledge and learn the practical tools and techniques you need to develop your Digital Marketing. The DMC online training offers the convenience of learning and practicing at your own pace. The training is uniquely developed and adapted for cinemas and is divided into 4 modules:​

Learn how to create a digital strategy for your cinema.
This is the foundation needed in order to take your digital marketing to the next level. This module includes lessons in SWOT, SMART, Business Strategy, Customer Strategy and how to put it all together in your Marketing Strategy. It has all the templates and guides you need to get started and make a plan for your marketing efforts.

DMC Module1-1200x800


Learn how to optimize your Click Through Rate for your organic search results on Google and get your customers to convert with a Site Strategy. 

Your website is your most important marketing tool, but it's most often neglected. In this module you learn how to optimize your website to maximize conversion from your customers and how to drive traffic from the organic search results on Google.

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In the Content Marketing module you learn how to create relevant, interesting and engaging content that your audience wants to engage with. We go through the different content formats, how to make it interesting and how to create a content creating process at your cinema.



DMC Module2-1200x800

In the fourth module of DMC you learn how to build and measure campaigns and create customized target audiences on Facebook and Instagram. We guide you through the ins and outs of Facebook Ads Manager to help you optimize your paid advertising and understand your campaign results.



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"DMC is a qualitative training program that includes several layers of a cinema business. Great, detailed and clear training that anyone can understand (not just those who work with marketing since before).​"


Exhibitor Sweden

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DMC is a tailored Digital Marketing training for cinemas who want to work more strategical and get hands on knowledge on how to improve their digital marketing efforts.

Irini Siga

Founder and Curator

@DMC Training Program
Marketing and Communications Manager
@Biografcentralen &

Today’s and tomorrow’s marketing spells data and digital. To better prepare and develop your cinema’s digital marketing we offer this easy to use training, developed for both beginners and more experienced exhibitors.​

Jens Lanestrad

CEO @Biografcentralen &

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Biografcentralen is a non profit arthouse organization in Sweden. We specialize in networking and training programs for Independent Cinemas and host the national website with over 200 cinemas.

We launched our very first online training program DMC - Digital Marketing for Cinemas in Sweden in September 2019 and now over 60 Swedish cinemas participate.
DMC had its international launch in February 2021.

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